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FSE Listings: Angola Entrepreneurs Should Look to Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Friday, April 23, 2010 @ 07:04 AM
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Angola Entrepreneurs Should Look to Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Economy, commerce, and investments are the pivotal points of the Angola forward steps, with the new found stability of the South-Western African nation. In recent months, as a company who’s sole purpose is to assist African companies to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, FSEListings.com and the FSE Listings Consortium out of Johannesburg has been involved with various mineral and infrastructure projects, with a special interest in Angola assets. From Guano and Gold to Oil, the resources are plentiful.

Versus building a company aimed at foreign investment that takes the profits abroad and leaves little behind, FSE Listings Consortium has been focusing on building Frankfurt Listed companies owned by African’s who use the public vehicles to finance ventures within Africa. The inflow of jobs, operations, and overall development from this private/public offering in foreign markets is what the African countries need, and someone has to stand out in this market to achieve this.

A common complaint of African countries like Angola is that technology and decision making power seldom transfer into the Country. The model built by the FSE Listings Consortium has been developed specifically to foster the decision making power and knowledge within Africa, whereby investment and technology come from abroad to achieve the public company goals. Whether it is infrastructure, internet, or research and development, the primary benefit ends up in the hands of the African companies Founders and Owners with a distinct responsibility to give transparent and well managed outcomes to their investors.

Angola which has a territory of 1.25 million sq km and a population of 16 million is vast in opportunities worthy of the public markets in Europe to leverage one of the poorest nations. Angola is a heavily Oil dependent country which also provides leverage for assets within the exploration and extraction business, but has also give way to new endeavours that are less Oil dependent.

Listing Angola Oil projects as Angolan Public companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange would be highly supported by investors internationally with it being the largest supplier of Oil to China and 7th to the USA. Roughly 2 million barrels of Oil daily, Angola can boast itself as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.

Entry of Angolan companies, such as Sonangol Petrol Stations into Portugal, show the expansion as possible for this African nations expansion into international markets.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange provides a door-way and mechanism for such opportunities of international expansion and investment for Angola.

The story behind Iron Ore exploration within Angola is also promising as the ever increasing demand of Asia continues to hold the marketplace demand in high production. Iron ore is one of the minerals that Angola has slated for foreign investment.

Entrepreneurs within the Angola coffee business have also raised eyebrows as to knew economic endeavours, revealing that the country is able to expand on minimal investment criteria. One Million euro is capable of creating new industries for the most part in African nations, especially around agricultural products that can target Europe as a major market. The European market and Asian market as consumers and importers of Angolan produced goods also makes it appealing to float the companies and assets on a market within their jurisdiction such as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Germany is Europe’s largest economy and the world’s third, after USA and Japan, regarding GDP. The country is a world leader in a number of exports, and has a domain of almost 35% over merchandise transportation by sea concentrate in Ruhr, the biggest industrial complex in Europe. Frankfurt is its financial capital where the stock exchange is located, the biggest and most important stock exchange in Europe

Trade exchange between Angola and Germany has intensified during the last years mainly due to the improvement in relations between both countries. In 2006 bilateral trade registered 260 million euros, double that of 2005.

Contact info@fselistings.com if you are looking to list your Angola Company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or take your Angola Company public. If you have assets within an African nation that you are interested in listing and attracting investment for, please contact us as well with a detailed summary of your business.

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