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How do Frankfurt Listings compare to TSX Listings, AIM Listings, OTCBB Listings, NASDAQ listings, CNSX Listings, Plus Listings, ASX listings, JSE Listings, and Dual Listings? « FSE Listings

How do Frankfurt Listings compare to TSX Listings, AIM Listings, OTCBB Listings, NASDAQ listings, CNSX Listings, Plus Listings, ASX listings, JSE Listings, and Dual Listings?

Friday, October 21, 2011 @ 10:10 AM
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Firstly, you are paying for a listing on a bona fide stock exchange, not an OTC or Pinksheet listing quotation board, but a Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing.

– In comparison to the OTCBB, listing costs are similar upfront but it takes 3-6 weeks to list a Frankfurt Company, and it takes 12 months for an OTCBB. In addition, a Frankfurt listing is at least $100k cheaper per annum to maintain without the reporting requirements and additional expenses associated to the OTCBB.

–          In comparison to TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange), listing on the Frankfurt is $150k – $300k cheaper upfront and $50-$75k cheaper per annum. It takes a minimum of 6-8 months longer to list than Frankfurt Listings.

–          In comparison to listing on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) listing on the Frankfurt is 240k euro cheaper upfront and over 100k euro per annum cheaper to maintain in our opinion and experience. It takes 18 – 22 months longer to list on the JSE and ALTX.

–          The CNSX is roughly $100-$200k more expensive to list when including the broker sponsor. In addition, the yearly costs are $20-$30k more expensive on the CNSX than Frankfurt Listings.

–          The ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) is roughly $600k more expensive to list and takes 6-8 months longer than listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, in addition, the requirements are much higher and stringent.

–          The London Stock Exchange AIM markets cost between 250k GBP to 500k GBP to list, sometimes even higher, making their listings up to 500k euro more expensive to list than the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings. Per annum fees are also in excess of 100k euro.

–          The NASDAQ listings cost between 1.2 to 1.5 million USD for IPO listings on average and are equally as expensive per annum, at least $400-$500k on companies with multiple transactions.

From the point of view of what FSE Listings Inc has to over, we can list firms in 3-6 weeks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from submission, we keep the costs to a minimum, 60k euro, and we can introduce up to 5 million euro first round financing for firms that qualify. The Frankfurt listing doesn’t have the on going costs of Audits, Legal opinions and bills, disclosures, filings, and reporting that the other exchanges have. Most exchanges are not making it easier for small businesses, their idea of quality companies are those that can pay large bills and yearly fees, there is no interest in quality small businesses on the other exchanges. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the most friendly market in the World for new businesses and existing businesses looking to raise capital.

In addition, once listed on the FSE, one can always dual list, cross list, or relist on the AIM, OTCBB, TSX,ASX, JSE, etc.

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