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Dual Listings with FSE Listings

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 @ 12:04 AM
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If your company is already on a stock exchange which is considered a “Like Exchange” by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, you have the given and immediate ability to Dual List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Dual listing your company affords you the unlimited opportunity to be listed on both your current stock exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

“Dual listings”, sometimes called “Cross-Border listings”, “Cross listings”, or “Secondary listings”, will instantly open up access to a vast new global arena of funders, investors, liquidity and global investors for your company. 

FSE Listings can dual list your company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in record speed and minimal cost.

In addition, we have the ability to obtain approvals for your company without an underwriter.


Dual Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange gives your company the ability to reach the massive European investor market 500 million investors strong who are interested in the  stock of companies like yours, with the convenience of trading locally in their own currency.

Europeans have a longer hold strategy than their counterparts in North America.  Countries like that of Germany give their shareholders an incentive to hold stock for at least a year with no capital gains tax.

A Dual Listing provides a new opportunity for public companies like yours to benefit from the growing global opportunities. Dual listings can also significantly enhance a company’s reputation as a global player in the International market.  

A Dual Listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange offers countless advantages and benefits  which FSE Listings can fast track on behalf of your company:

Improved image, reputation and prestige as a global player in the International market.

Greatly expand the ability to raise equity or debt financing.

Increased trading volume and liquidity. Germany is the world’s third largest economy.  The upper segements of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange have the highest turnover velocity than many other European Exchanges, including the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.  It is the world’s 3rd most liquid market, behind only the NASDAQ and NYSE.

Improved shareholder relations.

Significant enhancement in visibility among overseas investors and the global consumer marketplace

Quickly establish major inroads  into European retail and institutional funds.

Benefit from the ever-expanding trends toward global equity investing

No Sarbanes-Oxley requirements

No Naked Short Selling

Xetra, the most efficient and trading platform in the world widely recognized as the most efficient and automated trading system for electronic securities trading in the world.  Orders from any point in the globe are automatically inputted into the order book on the central computer

Ability to advertising offerings, unlike the SEC regulated companies in the US with very limited advertising options

Nominal Ongoing Cost –  Less ongoing costs compared to US exchanges, including the OTCBB. The ongoing cost to maintain your dual listing on the First Quotation Board Segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is less than 3,000 Euros per year.

*FSE Listings: Note of warning, we have no affiliation to a group misrepresenting the FSE Listings brand called Julius Csurgo, Global Regency, Merger Law Associates, Frankfurt Listings, and other such names. As far as our research has revealed, they appear to charge more and allegedly are slower than our firm at listing, in addition, we are not even sure they can list firms. Several firms have complained they were listed and didn’t even get to trade or clear properly using listings services and contacted us believing us to be the same firm. We believe that in this matter, one should be careful of all firms who do not have the representative Mark Bragg contact you. Our firm listed several companies in April and expects to do this again in May, with over 100 listed to date as a consortium. We are the leaders, competition is only healthy if they are not misrepresenting a brand, therefore, we bring this to your immediate attention that we have no affiliation to these firms. We are the only FSE Listings Inc, contact Mark Bragg today.