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FSE Listings: 72 FSE Listings on The Frankfurt Stock Exchange First Quarter, with February as the lead for Frankfurt Listings with over 32 FSE Listings « FSE Listings

FSE Listings: 72 FSE Listings on The Frankfurt Stock Exchange First Quarter, with February as the lead for Frankfurt Listings with over 32 FSE Listings

Sunday, May 1, 2011 @ 04:05 PM
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FSE Listings: 72 FSE Listings on The Frankfurt Stock Exchange First Quarter, with February as the lead for Frankfurt Listings with over 32 FSE Listings

First Quotation Board FSE Listings in February:

  • Natural Spring Resources Inc.     CA63902K1021   NSP        Canada
  • Formula Resources Inc. CA34641T1003   3FR         Canada
  • Zebra Resources Inc.      CA98921A1075  ZB7         Canada
  • First Global Energy PLC  GB00B4QXPT47 1GX        United Kingdom
  • The Free Gas Guys Inc.  CA35613T1012   2FG        Canada
  • Revolutionary Concepts Inc.       US76155D1046  9RV        United States
  • Giantcode Corporation PLC         GB00B4L7VG02 GJC        Germany
  • Regent Cliff Oil & Gas PLC             GB00B5MVRW60             RC4        United Kingdom
  • Zhihai Lighting Technology AG    DE000A1EWX12                ZFL         Germany
  • Mercantil Financial Services Ltd.                CA58734B1067   8MF       Canada
  • Firmware Technologies PLC         GB00B59WZW82              AUW     United Kingdom
  • Sunlogics PLC     GB00B66B9237  18L         United Kingdom
  • BiogasPark N.V.                NL0006195455   BPK        Netherlands
  • Hutchison Minerals Co. Ltd.         CA44842A1075  HZ0        Canada
  • AlgoSys Germany AG     DE000A1H5T89  ALY         Germany
  • First Newgate Petroleum Resources Co. Ltd.       CA33583B1013   91P         Canada
  • Cassona SE          DE000A1C6T63  COE        Germany
  • Worldwide Natural Resources PLC           GB00B3Y3X846  1WN      United Kingdom
  • YD Ynvisible S.A.               PTYRS0AM0001 Y7R         Portugal
  • Bonifaz Gold PLC              GB00B460HL17  BOG       United Kingdom
  • WMX Group Inc.              CA92935Q1090  WEX      Canada
  • WorldWide Papa’s PLC   GB00B63B5Q26 1PJ         United Kingdom
  • Specialized Life Options PLC        GB00B3R28D82 14O        United Kingdom
  • Curaxis Pharmaceutical Corp.     US23127A1079  8CX        Canada
  • MRE Resources Inc.        CA55347M1077 MRZ       Canada
  • Dragon Holdings AG        DE000A1CTDS8  DRA       Germany
  • Integral Bioenergies Systems Corp.         CA45823X1078   8IB          Canada
  • Delphinium Capital PLC  GB00B3T4ZN15 09D        United Kingdom
  • Cannabis Medical Solutions Inc. US1376471033   C2J         United States
  • Cubo Energy PLC              GB00B3KBZY25  3CU        United Kingdom

Regulated Market FSE Listings:

  • Rib Software  AG
  • Derby Cycle AG

A total of 32 listings for the month of February!

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