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FSE Listings: Frankfurt Stock Exchange – Brazil – Uncovering Business Opportunities for going public, raising capital, and working with FSE Listings Specialists « FSE Listings

FSE Listings: Frankfurt Stock Exchange – Brazil – Uncovering Business Opportunities for going public, raising capital, and working with FSE Listings Specialists

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 @ 01:10 AM
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Frankfurt Stock Exchange – Brazil – Uncovering Business Opportunities for going public, raising capital, and working with FSE Listings Specialists

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Brazil has been a prime example of what happens to a Country with resources and industrialization with affordable labor in a few decades. One of the most rapid commodity-intensive industrializations have been seen with listings of firms from Brazil on the Toronto Stock Exchange, BOVESPA Listings, NASDAQ Listings, Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings, and ASX Listings. IPOs within Brazil have been able to raise capital, unlike many of the alternative domestic stock exchanges. The population growth, rising per capita incomes, and innovation in technology and ICT are all promising growth factors.

–          Expectation of growth within the commodity exploration, extraction, and export sector

–          Growth in the development of biofuels, biodiesel, ethanol, and other fuel creations

–          Oil and Gas exploration and exportation

–          Growth in transport projects, construction, manufacturing, and set-up

–          Agricultural growth, forestry, and domestic manufactured products for domestic and export consumption

–          Growth in Financial Services companies with the growth of the Commodity markets and export

With China as Brazil’s largest export market and the EU-27, the market is diversified. As mentioned prior, high-tech goods make up 14% of manufacturing exports and suggests a growth sector for listings on international markets to raise capital and grow.

Commodity booms are often subject to over-borrowing and busts, thus, given the market conditions being positive in Brazil at the present time, there is no better time in the economy’s current history to list and go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is time for Brazil companies to “Cash-Up” to remain competitive in what could become an over-extended market.

 The reasoning behind this:

–          Due to commodity boom, credit may be over extended in optimism

–          Balancing borrowing with equity and direct investment is necessary for the stability of the market and individual companies

–          The EU-27 and China are strong supporters of Brazil’s export economy, if you are going to get capital from those who believe in your Economy, then list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or Shanghai Stock Exchange

–          Frankfurt Listings are the most affordable and direct route to capital

How do we feel about Brazil? Listing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and taking public companies in the Commodity sector are highly recommended. Many analysts are expecting a “super” commodity cycle pushed by leveraged growth of resource-intensive China investments into Brazil and other commodity based Countries. Thus, Brazil will benefit, listed companies from Brazil will benefit, investors from Europe and abroad will benefit. A decline in commodity prices as a perspective of the Country would be detrimental, but the tight relationship with China and diversified income streams in the EU-27 drive an adherent stability.


“Food and agricultural raw materials make up 2/5 of its goods exports. Brazil is the world’s leading exporter of soybeans, poultry, beef, orange juice, coffee and sugar. The top five export products in terms of value are iron ore, oils & fuels, transport equipment (aircraft), soy and sugar & ethanol. Moreover, Brazil’s agricultural potential is huge. Its potential arable land is estimated at over 400m hectares (FAO), but only 50m are currently being used, and Brazil has more spare farmland than the next two largest countries combined.

Similarly, the recent discovery of so-called “pre-salt (oil) deposits” has the potential to propel Brazil from 15th to 5th place in terms of proven reserves. It will, if successfully exploited, transform the country into an important oil exporter – and provide the government and the economy with a significant revenue windfall. This offers a huge opportunity to accelerate economic development, provided the windfall is spent wisely by investing in education and infrastructure and provided the country can avoid “Dutch disease” related problems. In short, Brazil is very well positioned to benefit from what may be a longer-lasting shift in the global economy: the economic rise of populous and relatively resource-scarce countries such as China and India.” (Excerpt from October 17th 2011 Talking Point: Brazil as a commodity exporter – opportunities & risks, Deutsche Bank )

In short, creating a solid framework for investing in the rising revenue stream and international growth of Brazil is a prerequisite for attracting international investment, which is best achieved through floating of shares in the local market of which investors are readily available. This can be done by the individual businesses by focusing their domestic market to an International Business focus.

The way to access capital, gain exposure internationally and building a stable solid framework of growth can be done so through FSE Listings Inc.

Contact info@fselistings.com +19146133889, Robert Russell – Brazil Frankfurt Listings Specialist for FSE Listings

Financing of Brazilian Companies Listed On Frankfurt

Cashflow companies that can service debt or return on investment to shareholders with growth would be eligible for listing Bonds, Securitized Loans, and Structured Financing. On occasion the assets of firms are not enough, and the insurance firm and Banks issuing the Bond require collateral above and beyond the asset to fast track capital. By listing a firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings Inc, you can utilize the listed companies shares in conjunction with the company’s assets as liquid security, improving both the chance of getting the required funds and increasing your rating to a AA Rating. Firms who work with FSE Listings Inc are willing to insure and finance companies from Brazil up to 5 million euro who fit the criteria for funding.

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