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FSE Listings: What is an Equity Line of Credit or SPPA, SSPA, Stock Purchase Agreement, and how can FSE Listings Inc enable your firm to get listed to utilize one « FSE Listings

FSE Listings: What is an Equity Line of Credit or SPPA, SSPA, Stock Purchase Agreement, and how can FSE Listings Inc enable your firm to get listed to utilize one

Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 03:03 AM
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FSE Listings: What is an Equity Line of Credit or SPPA, SSPA, Stock Purchase Agreement, and how can FSE Listings Inc enable your firm to get listed to utilize one

Equity Line of Credits, Pass-through financing’s, and SSPA agreements have been around for a very long time within the United States markets, generally placed in the category of Private Investment In Public Equities, PIPE Transactions.

Generally the Credit lines and financing are based on the average liquidity of a stock’s performance based on data over a volume weighted average pricing (15-20 days) for example. This is meant to give companies the cash flow fast with a liquid market. If the company is private, they need to list on an acceptable exchange. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is becoming the most popular, of which http://www.fselistings.com is the fastest, most affordable, and most attentive to your structure requirements. If you are going to take advantage of an Equity Line of Credit, Debenture, or dilutive stock purchase agreement, structure becomes your most important consideration when going public.

Some firms have designed a third party style of achieving this, called a pass-through from an existing shareholder to the fund, so that the firm doesn’t issue new shares from treasurey, lessoning the total dilution of the firm. In order to achieve this, the structure from the beginning needs to allow for the shares to be issued, for consideration and fully paid, so that the shareholder and company do not face future complications with the payment of the shares such as Securities Regulators, Creditors who claims shares where unpaid, and various other thoughts and resolutions that need to be filed within your corporate structure.

There is more to an Equity Line of Credit than just the funding and the symbol to draw down funds, in order to get to this stage without destroying your firm, you need to have the proper structure, listing partners, market makers, and team behind your firm like FSE Listings Inc.

Before you decide to list your firm with the same firms that finance you consider this, would you sign a contract with a purchase of your company using the purchasers lawyers and advisers? Of course not, you would be ill advised to do so. Adding another layer of impartiality such as FSE Listings Inc professionals, we engage your interests in structure, listings, and post-ipo activities to ensure your firm is safe and compliant. If a firm objects to our involvement, beware, we have probably already clipped their wings in the past for structuring poor deals for clients. In many cases, we have actually rebuilt companies for clients, because of poor decisions they have made around debentures, equity lines of credit, and option agreements.

If you have signed a Pre-Listed Commitment from a firm you have probably:

  • Filled in a pre listing commitment application and received a term sheet you have signed
  • Paid for the template Stock Purchase Agreement and Equity Line documentation
  • The fund signed once the payment is received, with their legally binding agreement to you, and You To Them… read careful
  • They may do a deal with a listed company for you to merge with (not recommended) due to debts, structure, control, articles, and regulations you have no control of
  • Or you get the option to find your own listed company or have your firm listed directly (Recommended using www.fselistings.com, info@fselistings.com)

Within 3-6 weeks we can structure your firm for whatever transaction you are engaging in, take the firm public, and enable your ability to execute financing with capital firms. The reality is that the control is within the management of the public company which will determine the draw-downs, the financing depends on how you are structured and how you plan using the funds. There are also many other options that can be part of a Frankfurt Roadshow for your newly listed firm with our company FSE Listings Inc, www.fselistings.com. Contact us today!

Please be aware that several firms have tried to impersonate us, please only try to reach us through this contact information below, the real FSE Listings:

Contact Robert Russell or Mark Bragg today!

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