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Go Public On The Frankfurt Stock Exchange!

Saturday, January 9, 2010 @ 08:01 AM
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Welcome to Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings:  We are a European IR consulting firm that provides financial related services to both public and private corporations.  Since 2000, we have been offering our American, Australian, Chinese, Canadian and British clients a wide range of financial services and creative IR strategies throughout Europe.  These services include: 

  • Primary- and dual-listings of the Company’s shares on European stock exchanges such as Frankfurt, the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) or Plus Markets (London).
  • Structuring and implementing comprehensive IR/PR campaigns designed to maximize the dissemination of corporate information to potential retail investors in Europe – predominantly in Germany.
  • Assisting Companies in raising capital and expanding their institutional base in the major European financial communities.
  • An effective way of achieving a higher market-cap and additional sponsorship for your corporation is via a Cross-Border Listing (dual listing) – i.e. PLUS Markets and a European Stock Exchange.
  • We have the expertise to assist you with all of the applications and filing requirements to have your company approved for trading within a couple of weeks after the first applications are in and we select the local German specialist firm to sponsor your daily trading and settlements.

The benefits to your company from listing on Frankfurt are:

  • Increased international exposure.
  • Ability to raise equity capital in Europe.
  • Enhanced shareholder value.
  • Increased Market-Making commitments.

Initial Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listing Package € 60,000 includes:

  • Initial consultation and application for the Frankfurt Stock Listing
  • Press release announcing your company’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange approval
  • Specialist setup & maintaining of the electronic Order Book on your company’s shares
  • Issuance of an ISIN number.
  • Routing and processing of bid and ask orders
  • Clearing and tracking of the electronic register
  • Real-time quotes with Worldwide access from all  European financial portals (in Java)
  • Monitoring of new threads of leading Financial Community Message Boards in Europe including Comdirect.de, Wallstreet-online.de, CortalConsors.de, financial.de, etc.
  • Once your company is approved for trading it will enable you to increase investor awareness across the EU resulting in the ability to raise additional funds through equity sales.

Next Steps:  Contact us at info@otclistings.com

We would be pleased to schedule a conference call with one of our senior partners in Europe to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and discuss costs and procedures.

FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing! www.fselistings.com

Contact us with your information!

Robert Russell, Russell@fselistings.com FSE Listings Professional

Mark Bragg, Info@fselistings.com FSE Listings Professional

Mr. R.T. Gibson, Info@fselistings.com FSE Listings Specialist

New York: +1-914-613-3889

UK: +44(0)2081235719

Hong Kong: 81753591

South Africa: +27110836116


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Contact FSE Listings Agents Robert Russell or Mark Bragg today!

*FSE Listings: Note of warning, we have no affiliation to a group misrepresenting the FSE Listings brand called Julius Csurgo, Global Regency, Merger Law Associates, Frankfurt Listings, and other such names. As far as our research has revealed, they appear to charge more and allegedly are slower than our firm at listing, in addition, we are not even sure they can list firms. Several firms have complained they were listed and didn’t even get to trade or clear properly using listings services and contacted us believing us to be the same firm. We believe that in this matter, one should be careful of all firms who do not have the representative Mark Bragg contact you. Our firm listed several companies in April and expects to do this again in May, with over 100 listed to date as a consortium. We are the leaders, competition is only healthy if they are not misrepresenting a brand, therefore, we bring this to your immediate attention that we have no affiliation to these firms. We are the only FSE Listings Inc, contact Mark Bragg today.