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Switching Your Listing From The CNSX To The Frankfurt Exchange (FSE Listings)

Sunday, March 14, 2010 @ 12:03 PM
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Switching Your Listing From The CNSX To The Frankfurt Exchange

As you are aware from listing on the CNSX that it is in fact a low cost process for listing a company on a stock exchange in Canada. The CNSX at the time you listed may have met the needs of your company to show your shareholders that you are a publicly traded company. Ideally, the CNSX has been the venue for you to be able to raise your first $400,000+ Canadian dollars to fund your business and have an asset with a third party valuation over 500,000 euro which can be transferred as shareholder equity.However, you have most likely felt the same pressure as many have, the $400,000 raised has not been enough and you require more funds to operate your business. Because of the low liquidity and trading compared to the TSX, OTCBB, and or Frankfurt exchange, debt financers are not willing to lend money based on a convertible debenture. Brokers raised the initial funds, but due to the first investment received by your company, they feel they cannot raise substantially more capital for your firm.

There is one really good choice when you are in this position, consider switching your listing to the Frankfurt Exchange.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange fast track listing available by www.fselistings.com, allows your company to become a publicly traded company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange within 4-5 weeks. Because your company has an asset worth over 500,000 euro which can be transferred to the new company as shareholder equity from funds already raised the required funds of now 500,000 euro which used to be $400,000 (250,000 euro min.) on the CNSX doesn’t create a hurdle for your firm to list, your business will qualify for the money-in requirement of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Whether you raised the funds on the CNSX or you raised it before and during your listing, as long as $400,000 has been invested into your firm you will qualify.

Upon preparing the necessary accounting documents that show the proof of funds, www.FSEListings.com will take your business plan and information to a series of Venture Capital and IR firms who will confirm they can raise capital and or create liquidity for your firm if listed on the FSE. The Investment Capital will be from 1 million euro to 10 million euro with liquidity for shareholders. At this stage, our listing partners and financial advisors will be paid a nominal fee of 60,000 euro to list the company and prepare the initial introductions.

Once the company is listed, the IR and Investment Companies will execute a strategy for the company. Some of the financers will invest debt instruments up to 5% of the companies market cap. There are many opportunities and options to properly finance your company once you are on a strong recognized European stock exchange.

Taking a primary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is an essential component to your companies success moving forward. www.fselistings.com is also associated to www.stockexchangelistings.com and www.otclistings.com which have an in depth network of companies and financers that can assist you to raise capital once you have dual listed into the other markets. Start with listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange today, contact info@fselistings.com.

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  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world’s third largest trading center for securities and Germany’s largest exchange.
  • And German investors, both institutional and private, who have held back from investing for many years by government restraints and their own conservatism, are now actively searching for small to mid-size U.S. and Canadian companies to invest in.
  • The German Frankfurt Exchange has a primary market consisting of more than 100 million people, and has the fastest rate of growth and the highest income per head in the EU. (Canada’s market population is less than half and a lower income per head.)
  • European investors invest for the long term. And in most European countries there are major tax benefits for holding on to purchased stock for a certain amount of time as opposed to “dumping” it immediately into the market. The lack of investors that instantly sell a company’s stock allows for stability in stock price and opportunities for growth. Compared to the listing on other exchanges, such as the NASDAQ, OTC Bulletin Board, Canadian Venture Exchange (TSX) or the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London, Frankfurt stands out because of the ease of entry, (Audited financials are not required), fast process and low annual fees.
  • Today, with a total turnover of €5.2 trillion per year the Frankfurt Stock Exchange strengthens its position as the world’s 3rd largest trade-place for stocks and the world’s 2nd largest by market capitalization.
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