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FSE Listings: Funding Farming and Businesses Related to Agriculture to be the future investments and exciting listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange « FSE Listings

FSE Listings: Funding Farming and Businesses Related to Agriculture to be the future investments and exciting listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 @ 01:10 AM
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Funding Farming and Businesses Related to Agriculture to be the future investments and exciting listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

At FSE Listings Inc, we tend to look into the crystal ball to see where is the future globally and what markets appear the most attractive for investors, who do we want to list, who do we want to help, where are the best opportunities.

By far, the growth in the agriculture industry, its requirement to meet global food crisis demands, the use of crops as fuels, forestry, and other feedstock uses drive the industry.

Interesting enough, Agriculture is one of the highest emitting Greenhouse Gas contributors and also one of the highest contributors to the abatement of such emissions. From both of these factoids, come opportunities, businesses that will be in high-demand include:

–      Crop management and automation

–      Fertilizer alternatives and management

–      Biochemical growth in addition to biological development of new plant breeds

–      Low emission farming systems

–      Funding internationally is not enough to meet demand, thus a grain and agricultural boom driven by private capital subsidized by Government will grow exponentially

–      Biofuels business will expand based on second or third generation biofuel production

–      Waste to Energy will grow for biofuels, fuel recycling, waste to char and compost, waste to fertilizer businesses

Agricultures triple challenge is actually your business opportunity. Meeting the food security objectives, adapting to climate change, and reducing greenhouse emissions.

Investment opportunities can enhance the profitability of producers and other actors across the agri-value chain while simultaneously mitigating climate change. Understanding the interdependencies of agribusiness along the value chain is just as important as understanding the sector itself. The agricultural value chain includes input providers, producers and off-takers, but also the manufacturing segment, service providers, processing plants and the extension of large scale farm cooperatives. Financial institutions with the skills to address agribusinesses globally focus on the whole value chain.

In addition, we predict the removal of distortions to the agricultural trade policies will remove barriers, reducing international inequality, largely boosting net farm incomes and raising real wages for unskilled workers in developing countries.

We strongly support building more farms, for example embracing and driving the expansion of Maize farms across sub-Saharan Africa, pushing towards the Green Revolution much like the transformation in yield gains for rice and wheat in Asia. Adoption of improved seeds, and drive for a higher yield, with more efficient fertilizer usage and crop management practices. Where domestic maise production cannot keep up with the demand for maize production for expanding urban populations within Africa that new policies, new technologies, and new business driven opportunities require to emerge within this sector. In actual fact, agricultural trade policy changes, advanced growth in the market, management, and investment will not only drive a green revolution but:


–      Increase food and food security

–      Reduce Poverty

–      Reduce Greenhouse emissions

–      Grow private industry and economic stability


Build agricultural businesses within developing markets which cater to the overall whole value chain, and capital will be made available on international markets. If you are interested in what would be available for your agricultural projects from the German Marketplace, consider getting a free listing assessment with FSE Listings Inc.


There is a market that wants to help you “Grow” and that is Frankfurt. Contact info@fselistings.com


Allow us to do a free consultation for your firm.

Financing of Agricultural Companies Listed On Frankfurt

Cashflow companies that can service debt or return on investment to shareholders with growth would be eligible for listing Bonds, Securitized Loans, and Structured Financing. On occasion the assets of firms are not enough, and the insurance firm and Banks issuing the Bond require collateral above and beyond the asset to fast track capital. By listing a firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings Inc, you can utilize the listed companies shares in conjunction with the company’s assets as liquid security, improving both the chance of getting the required funds and increasing your rating to a AA Rating. Firms who work with FSE Listings Inc are willing to insure and finance Agricultural focused companies up to 5 million euro who fit the criteria for funding.

About FSE Listings Inc

FSE Listings Inc is the leading listing firm for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings outside of Germany and the recognized leader bar-none over any other firm for non-German Companies. With offices in Spain, UK, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Netherlands, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Mozambique, and Ireland. Many firms have in-house law firms, which increase your cost of listing and hinder your process, FSE Listings Inc utilizes the best and quickest law firms, listing partners, designated sponsors, and local service providers. In addition, our finance partners have the access to innovative proven mechanisms of getting the capital and commitments your firm requires in a timely and reliable fashion.  By going with our firm, you get all of the best professionals as a one-stop service agreement. http://www.fselistings.com

In addition, we have interested investment partners and merger and acquisition parties who aim to buy up farms in Africa; raise productivity by using sustainable agriculture, such as no-till farming; and sell the produce domestically. As an African based listing firm, FSE Listings Inc also wants to support financing of firms with CSI initiatives such as teaching local farmers better techniques.

If you have a farm, and need funding, contact info@fselistings.com. If you are in the agricultural industry and want to grow, please also contact us.

*FSE Listings: Note of warning, we have no affiliation to a group misrepresenting the FSE Listings brand called Julius Csurgo, Global Regency, Merger Law Associates, Frankfurt Listings, and other such names. As far as our research has revealed, they appear to charge more and allegedly are slower than our firm at listing, in addition, we are not even sure they can list firms. Several firms have complained they were listed and didn’t even get to trade or clear properly using listings services and contacted us believing us to be the same firm. We believe that in this matter, one should be careful of all firms who do not have the representative Mark Bragg contact you. Our firm listed several companies in April and expects to do this again in May, with over 100 listed to date as a consortium. We are the leaders, competition is only healthy if they are not misrepresenting a brand, therefore, we bring this to your immediate attention that we have no affiliation to these firms. We are the only FSE Listings Inc, contact Mark Bragg today.