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FSE Listings: Biotech IPOs and Stock Exchange Listings are back in Europe! « FSE Listings

FSE Listings: Biotech IPOs and Stock Exchange Listings are back in Europe!

Monday, July 11, 2011 @ 09:07 AM
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European Biotech IPOs and Listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are back in demand with a new wave of successful European biotechs, many of which are from Scandanavia and Asian Countries, all of which are winning investor interests and stepping over the past firms and pulled IPOs of the past.

Many of the planned IPOs pulled in 2007 and 2008 have piled up in the pipeline of listings with renewed faith in the market and investor interest deterred from Alternative Energy Stocks and Mining Stocks for the time being, the greatest growing sector of IPOs and Listings could be the Biotech and Pharma industries.

A significant amount of firms focus on Genes and rare diseases, with a few mass market applications of biotech in the medical device industry. Biotech is one of the world’s most important technology clusters for the advancement of human progress as it pertains to development goals of clean water, healthier living workforces, and application to food and health in general. With growing global populations, there is an ever present requirement in the Biotech sector to service the issues facing both developed and developing Countries.

“Europe’s biotech sector has stumbled in the past but there is now renewed talk of stock market listings and trade sales via the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.” Mark Bragg, FSE Listings Inc (http://www.fselistings.com)

There are signs the market is recovering from recent tough years and 2011 could see more IPOs, with investor interest in places like Amsterdam and Brussels encouraging, although the overall picture is fragile. “The market is improving. In Europe, a few biotech IPOs are being planned,” one banker said recently.

Samples of successful recent buyouts such as the Netherlands and Belgium are a hotspot, helped by the sentiment-boosting $2.4 billion buyout of Dutch vaccine maker Crucell by Johnson & Johnson and high hopes for Belgian biotech star performer ThromboGenics. Some German and Austrian IPOs are also on the cards, bankers say.

Last year saw the emergence of a new group of well-financed European biotechs worth $500 million or more, including ThromboGenics, Sweden’s Medivir, Denmark’s Bavarian Nordic, Sweden’s Diamyd Medical and Norway’s Algeta, he said.

Prime Entry Market Frankfurt Listings:

  • VITA 34 International AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: V3V
  • WILEX AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: WL6
  • 4SC AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: VSC
  • Jerini AG  Frankfurt Listing Symbol: JI4
  • PAION AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: PA8
  • Epigenomics AG               Frankfurt Listing Symbol: ECX
  • Eurofins Scientific Group Frankfurt Listing Symbol: ESF
  • SYGNIS Pharma AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: LIO
  • GeneScan Europe AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: GEP
  • MediGene AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: MDG
  • november AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: NBX

Open Market Frankfurt Listings:

  • Farsight Bioscience Ltd. Frankfurt Listing Symbol: XPB
  • Cheung Wing Biotechnology Company Limited Frankfurt Listing Symbol: 53W
  • Sino European Biotechnology Frankfurt Listing Symbol: P53
  • MykoGreen Biotechnology Frankfurt Listing Symbol: 4Aw
  • Cytotools AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: T5O
  • Q2M Biotech AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: QBI
  • GENEART AG Frankfurt Listing Symbol: G6A

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