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FSE Listings: Reinventing the wheel, why FSE Listings Inc’s go public process is the best way to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange « FSE Listings

FSE Listings: Reinventing the wheel, why FSE Listings Inc’s go public process is the best way to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Sunday, June 26, 2011 @ 02:06 PM
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Reinventing the Wheel: Why FSE Listings Inc’s Go Public Process is the Best Way to List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

FSE Listings Go Public Process for Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings

Prelisting Stage

  • Consultation with company listings specialist to prepare the documentation for listing and qualify your firm
  • Lay-out the timeframe for listing, structure, share issuances, and financing requirements to build the optimum structure
  • Convert current business plans and executive summaries into a Frankfurt Short Form IM or Expose as required for listing
  • Discuss capital invested and raised to date, valuation, structure, and shareholder related goals
  • Discuss the goal posts for listing, capital raising, and deliverables as a firm and business
  • Incorporation of the UK Company
  • Subscription Agreements for raising funds
  • Set-up of Escrow Account to raise funds
  • Complete the financials, Director Certifications, Auditor Letter, and required supporting documents. (A Registered UK Auditor will be utilized who is registered with the FSA, Plus Markets, and AIM to verify the ˆ500,000)
  • Structure the firm with the end goal, and ensure the capital equity is sufficient to meet the financing goals, market value, and shareholder/principal expectations
  • Company Incorporation, Set-up of Structure
  • ISIN
  • Consider pre-listing financing commitments in place for sales documents and commitments to raise funds
  • Transfer Agent
  • Install the Corporate Funding Software for tracking the funding process and integrating online and offline roadshows (Ensuring your firm has a sustainable knowledge base for raising capital) 

Listing Stage                                   

  • File the issuer data form with all of the supporting documents created in phase 1
  • 5-10 day period waiting for approval
  • Ensure CREST registry completed and or electronic trading readily available by the registrar
  • Build the registry for the transfer agent to insert into their records
  • Issue initial shares to be deposited into market ready accounts
  • Share Certificates issued and delivered to those not with market ready accounts (with restrictions were required). All certificates can also be sent to the company for delivery.
  • Manage the process for successful listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and timely engagement and execution of all key pieces to list within the 2-5 week timeframe

Listed Stage

  • Roadshow within Frankfurt and Switzerland or other markets depending on relevance of listing
  • Execute Public Relations on web portals over 6 month commitment
  • Execute Special Stock Option Financing
  • Execute Equity Lines of Credit
  • Deposit of shares and capital with Market Maker for ongoing trading commitments and requirements to stay quoted
  • Ongoing web presence and reputation management (FSE Listings Inc owns its own network of portals that focus on financial markets with over 500,000 unique viewers per month which equate to several million hits. The network consists of over 400 website covering every major stock market in the world.)
  • IR Campaign Launched and continued over a 3-6 month period (up to 12 months)
  • Second Round Roadshows and Financing with market volume as a factor
  • Institutional Funding due to assets, capital on-hand, and liquid share capital
  • Financing of your firms goals and meeting the milestones
  • Incubate divisions of the firm by raising capital, and starting the cycle over or selling the successful business or shares of the business as an exit strategy

The Benefits are clear:

  • raise money
  • gain exposure
  • get international attention versus just the retail interest of your local market
  • increase the value of your assets and business which were otherwise illiquid
  • build a structure of which you can grow, use shares to acquire assets, and build a successful enterprise

The Process of Success by FSE Listings Inc:

  1. Listing your company only costs 60,000 euro to a maximum of 120,000 euro including IR campaigns for 1 year (not three months)
  2. You own 100% of the company when you list yourself
  3. If you can’t afford 60,000 euro, you should not be considering going public as you will not be able to afford staying public. Why build a company for everyone else to profit from, holding you hostage because you simply couldn’t afford 60k euro. The long term it will cost you time, money, reputation, and your company.

If you can raise your own capital of 60,000 euro to go public, you get the funds from the money raising on the stock market, you keep control of your business, you can get more money per share value because you will have a stable market!

You don’t know how to best raise money for your firm?

FSE Listings Inc has one of the best systems for training companies how to raise the initial start-up capital for their firm. As professionals in the field for over 30 years, we can build your structure, documents, and make pre-public financing commitments that do not ask for a % of your firm, but simply use common business sense for businesses looking for venture capital.

FSE Listings Inc is run by Robert Russell and Mark Bragg. FSE Listings Inc is the only firm that lists companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that has a reputation for its honesty in dealings, disclosing the positives and negatives of any one deal, and finding the best financing options for your firm.

Contact FSE Listings at info@fselistings.com or call +442032867779 to have us best advise you on listing your firm and going public.

If you want to list your firm, please include:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Email
  • Amount of Capital invested to date
  • Amount of Capital required
  • Reasons for wanting to list
  • Description of Business
  • Website if available

If you have been considering other listing firms, financing options, and directions for your firm but are simply researching the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings, please contact us so we can give you our knowledge and opinion. The best way to move forward is to build a roadmap with our team and decide the best options before your firm jumps into a relationship with a clever group versus an honest-intelligent listing team. FSE Listings Inc is the Leader for FSE Listings, listing more firms per month than any other listing firm.

YOU ONLY HAVE SO MUCH TIME, ABILITY, MONEY, and MOST IMPORTANT REPUTATION to invest in your life and for your business, be smart and contact info@fselistings.com, so we can make the best out of the assets and time you have!

FSE Listings

*FSE Listings: Note of warning, we have no affiliation to a group misrepresenting the FSE Listings brand called Julius Csurgo, Global Regency, Merger Law Associates, Frankfurt Listings, and other such names. As far as our research has revealed, they appear to charge more and allegedly are slower than our firm at listing, in addition, we are not even sure they can list firms. Several firms have complained they were listed and didn’t even get to trade or clear properly using listings services and contacted us believing us to be the same firm. We believe that in this matter, one should be careful of all firms who do not have the representative Mark Bragg contact you. Our firm listed several companies in April and expects to do this again in May, with over 100 listed to date as a consortium. We are the leaders, competition is only healthy if they are not misrepresenting a brand, therefore, we bring this to your immediate attention that we have no affiliation to these firms. We are the only FSE Listings Inc, contact Mark Bragg today.